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Explore below to find answers to questions we're frequently asked.

  • Can I leave extra trash on top of my bin?
    All trash must be bagged and tied within the bin. The lid on the bin must be able to close fully. Doing this helps keep our beautiful communities free from blowing trash and deters any wildlife from going through your trash. If you have extra bags, they can be left on top of the bin. Each additional bag is $5.00 and will be invoiced separately via the email we have on file.
  • What time will my garbage be picked up?
    While the time may vary week-to-week, you can expect your garbage to be picked up between 7:00am and 7:00pm on your designated garbage day. This varies due to ever-changing weather conditions, road construction, and general challenges that come with living in the mountains.
  • Where do I put my bin?
    For standard pick-up, please have your bin at the road by 7:00 am on your scheduled pick-up day. For white glove service, be sure your bin is at the designated, agreed upon location.
  • How much garbage fits in the provided 96-gallon garbage bin?
    The provided garbage bins fit approximately seven 13-gallon kitchen size trash bags. As a reminder, all garbage must be bagged and tied.
  • Can I cancel my service due to seasonal living? I live here six months out of the year.
    Yes. If you wish to cancel your service, you may do so at any time. If you are a previous customer who resumes service at the same service address within a one-year period of cancellation, you will be charged a $75 restocking fee.
  • I just signed up, when will my service begin?
    As a new customer, subscriptions received by Thursday at 3pm will be delivered a garbage bin on Friday. Service will begin on your scheduled pick-up day the following week. A flyer will be located inside your bin with additional pick-up information.
  • Is recycling an available service?
    We do not currently offer recycling. Please refer regularly to our FAQs for updates on our services and offerings.
  • What if you can't pick my up my garbage on my regularly scheduled day?
    If we are unable to pick up your garbage on your regularly scheduled day due to weather, you can expect communication from us via text or email.
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